Comfort Click Belt Reviews - Does It Work for You or Just Waste Money?

Comfort Click Belt Reviews – Does It Work for You or Just Waste Money?


The belt plays an important part in completing the appearance of clothing. The Comfort click belt is a stylish and unique belt also referred to as a mission belt. Its mission is to provide stress-free and comfortable fitting to its users. The belt is a click type with a ratchet system eliminating the need for holes.

There are two materials and colors of the belt to choose from. The sizes that fit are varied starting at 28 to 52 inches. Many users have recognized the importance of this type of belts. The Comfort click belt review will enable you to know whether the product works as described. In addition, it will also give more information on the benefits, the company and whether it works.

comfort click belt reviews

Company behind the product

Mission Belt is a company that started out from the Shark Tank on ABC in the year 2013. The co-founder of the company is Zac Holzapfel. The company provides quality and unique belt products. On the shark tank, the line was financed by Daymond John which resulted in the growth. The product lines of the company include NBA, NCAA and NHL.

The agreement led to not only the growth of the products but also the increased publicity. The two widths manufactured by the company include 35 and 40 mm. Furthermore, the materials include nylon which is durable and genuine leather.

In addition, the company offering the comfort belt have a program where they donate a dollar for every product sold. The program is in line with their mission to fight the hunger in the world and reduce the poverty levels.

Comfort Click Belt Benefits

Several benefits come from having this belt in your possession. These benefits include;

Easily adjustable

The user has the ability to adjust the belt using the release lever. The lever allows making adjustments along the ratcheting track. Also, the user may simply take the belt on and off.

One can fit all the people

Since the belt is adjustable, there is no need to get multiple belts for users of different sizes. There are no holes that restrict the use making the product very convenient to use.

comfort click belt review

There are multiple sizes

The belt has a ratcheting track system that is micro adjustable. The system allows the movement up and down. Furthermore, it allows easy adjustment when full, using the ratchet until it fits in place. The sizes that the belt fits is from 28 inches to 52 along the waist.

The Design is flexible

The comfort Cluck belt is plain without any prints. The plain design makes the belt use for different purposes for example official, casual and other events. In addition, it has a unique material and buckle that fits with all outfits.

Product Reviews

The comfort belt is a great belt with a ratcheting track system with 32 positions that are micro-adjustable. Also, it has a quick release lever that enables the users to slide the belt on, off and adjust as necessary. This makes the product very attractive to users. In addition, it creates the convenience of adjusting without being restricted by belt hole positions.

Comfort Click Belt

Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


The product is uniquely designed with a classic look that makes it suitable for different occasions.  Furthermore, the colors are plain with a simple buckle to suit different occasions. The materials making the belt are leather and nylon. Also, steel and zinc alloy for the buckle make it attractive. Most importantly, the belt fits users of different sizes starting from 28 to 52 inches. Furthermore, the belt may be cut severally to suit various sizes depending on the size of the individual. The product is also affordable and easy to use with clear instructions provided to guide the buyer.


  • It is able to fit multiple users
  • There are instructions provided on how to use the product effectively
  • It is an affordable product
  • The materials making the belt are high-quality
  • It is simple to use
  • The belt may be cut multiple times to customize according to size


  • The belt is only available in plain black or brown
  • The design is only suited for males
  • Some are not made of quality leather
  • Some users complain that it breaks quickly thus not durable

Does Comfort Click Belt Work?

The Comfort Click belt has gained popularity rapidly. The product does indeed work accurately as described by the company. The product is able to hold clothes in place without much struggle. Wearing and removing the belt is stress-free. The release level and ratcheting system allows micro adjustments which are not possible with the regular belts

In addition, the click in system eliminates the need for dealing with holes designated on certain locations. It fits users of different sizes. The only major concern is the durability of the product. Some products seize to be functional as early as after a week of purchase. When the breaking of the belt occurs, the entire system of the product stops.

Most noteworthy, some sellers are distributing some products that are not genuine. They sell products with not so genuine leather and quality. It is therefore important for users to ensure that they get the belts from certified dealers. The sellers should be respectable. The best way to confirm the quality is by using the reviews of buyers.

Why should buy Comfort Click Belt?

Individuals are encouraged to purchase the Comfort click belt because they are unique and comfortable when compared to the regular products.  They use a ratchet system as opposed to the holes that limit micro-adjustments. The settings of fitting may be easily changed by pressing a button and shifting position.

In addition, the belt may be used for wearing clothes on different occasions without the worry of fitting in. This is because the belts have a plain design with colors that blend in. The belt is also very affordable. Finally, the user does not worry about continuously changing the size since the belt accommodates a broad range of sizes.


The comfort click belt is a great product that provides convenience to its users. It has great features such as a ratcheting 32-position system and a release lever. In addition, it has a classic design with a simple buckle that fits in with all occasions. In addition, the materials making the belt are high-quality and attractive. Furthermore, it fits several sizes with two distinct sizes that are small and medium.

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