GOLO Weight Loss Diet Reviews - [Warning] Does It REALLY Work?

GOLO Weight Loss Diet Reviews – [Warning] Does It REALLY Work?


What Is GOLO?

GOLO is a fairly new weight loss plan. It has three distinct stages, designed to not only help you lose weight, but also to fight metabolic disorders and teach your body to stay slim. It is advertised as a “30 day rescue plan” that will change the way your body processes insulin. The idea is that this will improve your weight loss and help you to curb your appetite. The manufacturers boast that you will never have to diet again. But does it work? Check out our GOLO supplement review and find out. 

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The Three Parts Of GOLO’s Weight Loss Program

GOLO’s Release acts by stimulating the body to balance insulin levels. It is a completely natural supplement which stimulates natural insulin balance. It encourages your body to release and burn fat, pushing that energy into organs and muscles to be burnt up. This steady supply of nutritious body fat helps curb your appetite. So you burn fat, you feel energized, and you eat less. You take one soft gel supplement halfway through every meal. But what you’re eating matters too. 


Release is useless without GOLO’s Metabolic Fuel Matrix. This meal plan ensures you change your diet for the better. You can’t fix your metabolism and appetite if you keep eating the same stuff that made you ill and fat in the first place. Every time you eat something that upsets your insulin balance, you’re working against the supplement. The Metabolic Fuel Matrix will help you make the best diet choices to ensure your body has the time to recover from the damage. 

Your MyGOLO.com membership will support you every step of the way. It offers a fitness tracking system akin to many other fitness systems. It monitors your weight, metabolism, and tracks your progress. It also offers updates regarding health, food, and fitness. The community and staff will be happy to support you with any GOLO-specific issues or questions you may have. This, all together, helps make sure you can make the best decisions. 

How Does GOLO Work?

GOLO works by controlling your insulin output. Insulin helps our bodies to store fat and burn glucose. It’s like a little delivery driver, or a cleaner. If you have glucose in your blood and you’re exercising, insulin pushes glucose into the muscles to keep you energized. If you’re just sitting down, though, your insulin pushes the glucose into fat cells, to use later. This can become a dangerous cycle when we suffer insulin resistance. Our bodies need insulin to work properly and control our appetite. So when our muscles won’t take glucose from insulin, we start feeling hungry all the time. Our blood sugar can go too high or too low in a short period of time. And as we eat more and more, we store more and more too. This keeps the cycle repeating. 

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GOLO promises to break the cycle, improving your appetite response and making sure your body burns the fat it needs to in a quick and efficient manner. GOLO will make sure you have enough insulin, not too much or too little, and that your body responds to it normally. You feel less hungry and more energized, helping you eat less, exercise more, and lose weight. 

What’s In GOLO?

GOLO’s Release blend is a patented mix, completely plant-based, from plants all around the world. This mix acts as an insulin balancer, increasing your body’s sensitivity to insulin. It contains magnesium, zinc, and chromium, three nutrients very lacking in the standard american diet. It also has extracts from the following plants: apple, banaba, berberine, gardenia, inositol, rhodiola, and salacia. All of this is suspended in heart-healthy, digestible flax seed oil. 

GOLO’s Metabolic Fuel Matrix is designed to stave-off hunger. It is a perfectly balanced, whole foods meal plan that allows you to get all the nutrients you need. 

Are There Any Side Effects To Using GOLO?

GOLO has no specific side-effects per-se. However due to how it acts on your body, there are situations where you should not take it. It is considered safe for diabetics and pre-diabetics, but that could depend on your medication. Consult with your doctor if you have diabetes or another metabolic disorder that is being treated. And avoid if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

A final complaint many people have about GOLO is that it doesn’t make you lose weight. It helps, but if you follow GOLO’s three steps and keep eating cakes and fast food, it will do nothing. This is because it’s undoing all the damage you did with poor diet. Thunk of it as working heartburn medicine. If you stop eating and take your medicine you will feel better. But if you take your medicine and keep eating, you’re undoing all the medicine’s hard work and there will be no effect. 

The Pros And Cons Of GOLO

GOLO, like all weight-loss plans, has its ups and downs. If it were completely simple and easy, everyone would be doing it by now. But it does work. So how do the pros and cons stack up? 


  • The supplement helps control appetite and balance insulin.
  • The Metabolic Fuel Matrix is safe and easy to follow.
  • The whole plan has been clinically proven to work.
  • You will lose weight if you follow it closely.
  • You will feel better if you follow it closely.
  • You will probably never need to try another fad diet or take another supplement again.
  • It helps establish healthy habits.
  • It develops with new research.
  • There is a wonderful community, and support system, to keep you on track. 


  • You need to follow the Metabolic Fuel Matrix closely, and exercise as much as your body permits you, to see results.
  • Although some effects occur within a week, you will need to persist for three months to start experiencing the full benefits.
  • It will cost money. But doesn’t everything that works? 

How Much Will GOLO Cost Me?

A 30 day supply of GOLO Release, complete with subscription to the Metabolic Fuel Matrix and myGOLO.com, will cost $49.95. However every extra thirty days on top of that will be cheaper. 60 days is $69.90, and 90 days is $89.95. To help you exercise, you may also want the GOLO Perfect 5 Resistance Band and Booklet, costing $29.95. 

Is There Anything Else Like GOLO?

Most products similar to GOLO rely on stimulants, such as caffeine, to boost your metabolism. In the short term, these will help you burn through body fat. However they can make your insulin levels even more unbalanced. Furthermore, they act alone, without a diet plan. This means that either they will not work, or that between the stimulant and the poor diet, your body will be very taxed. You may lose weight, but you will most likely feel lethargic and unwell at the same time. Only GOLO offers the full three components. 

Is GOLO Worth It?

To me?  Absolutely. GOLO is the only plan so far to help us lose weight by rebalancing our insulin. The diet on its own would be highly effective, but the combination is brilliant. The natural supplements promote satiety and comfort by balancing our insulin. This makes following the diet easier. And by following the diet we make sure the supplement is effective. Plus, the community support and regular feedback about new developments is wonderful. Going it alone on a diet that may be medically outdated would be scary. GOLO stays ahead of the latest research and offers a community where we can all work together to improve ourselves. All in all, there is nothing quite like it out there.

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