best laptop for video editing under $500

Best Laptops For Video Editing Under $500 In 2023: Review Guide


Looking for a video editing laptop on a budget of $500 or less? You’ve come to the right place. We understand the importance of having a capable machine for video editing, but not everyone can afford to spend thousands on a high-end laptop with top-of-the-line components. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best laptops for video editing under $500 to help you find the best option for your needs.

Our list includes the ASUS VivoBook 15, Lenovo Ideapad 3, Dell Inspiron 15 3000 (2020), Acer Aspire 5 (2020), and HP 14-dq2097nr. These laptops have the processing power needed to handle demanding video editing tasks without breaking the bank.

While video editing is a demanding process, you don’t necessarily need the most expensive laptop on the market to get the job done. With a budget of $500, you can find a laptop that can handle most editing tasks while still leaving room for additional accessories like a cooling pad or wireless mouse.

When selecting a laptop for video editing, processing power is essential. The laptops on our list have the necessary processing power to handle video editing tasks smoothly. Additionally, having a decent battery life is important for uninterrupted editing sessions.

ASUS VivoBook 15

ASUS VivoBook 15

First up is the ASUS VivoBook 15, which offers a sleek design and comfortable long-term use with its Ergolift feature. It has an Intel i3 10th gen processor and 8GB of RAM, making it capable of handling video processing tasks. However, the integrated Intel UHD graphics may struggle with intensive video editing, and the storage capacity is limited to 128 GB. It does come with a Full HD 15.6-inch display, and standard ports like USB 3.2 and HDMI. Overall, the VivoBook 15 is a reasonable buy for those on a tight budget.

Lenovo Ideapad 3

Lenovo Ideapad 3

Next on the list is the Lenovo Ideapad 3, which offers a colorful 14-inch Full HD display and a sleek matte finish. It has a Ryzen 5 3500U processor with integrated AMD Vega 8 graphics, which performs better than the VivoBook’s graphics card. With 8GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD, the Ideapad 3 is a great option for budget-conscious video editors. However, its limited array of ports may be a downside for some.

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Dell Inspiron 15 3000

Dell Inspiron 15 3000

The Dell Inspiron 15 3000 is the newest version of the Dell Inspiron 15 3000, a decent laptop that offers good performance for video editing. This laptop has a 15.6-inch Full HD display that offers a resolution of 1920×1080. The laptop is powered by an AMD Athlon 3050U processor, which is an entry-level processor that offers decent performance for video editing.

The laptop comes with 8GB of RAM, which is the recommended minimum for video editing. The storage capacity of the laptop is 512GB SSD, which provides fast and ample storage for your videos and other files. The laptop has a built-in AMD Radeon graphics card, which is not the best graphics card for video editing but it can handle basic editing tasks.

Acer Aspire 5

Acer Aspire 5

The Acer Aspire 5 is a mid-range laptop that offers solid hardware for video editing. This laptop has a 15.6-inch Full HD display that offers a resolution of 1920×1080. The laptop is powered by an AMD Ryzen 3 3200U processor, which is a mid-range processor that offers good performance for video editing.

The laptop comes with 8GB of RAM, which is the recommended minimum for video editing. The storage capacity of the laptop is 128GB SSD and 500GB HDD, which provides fast storage for your videos and ample storage space for other files. The laptop has a built-in AMD Radeon Vega 3 graphics card, which is a decent graphics card for video editing.

HP Laptop 14-dq2097nr

HP Laptop 14-dq2097nr

The HP Laptop 14-dq2097nr features a brand new Intel Core i3-1115G processor, capable of clocking speeds up to 4.1Ghz and standing its ground even with intensive video editing processes. However, the integrated Intel UHD graphics are truly underwhelming and may prove to be a nuisance for video editors. In addition, the HD display may not be up to par with the standards of 2021.

On the bright side, the laptop comes with 8GB of RAM in a dual-channel module setup, providing ample power for most video editing tasks. It also features a 256GB NVMe M.2 SSD that allows for ultra-fast system and software boot. However, you may need to manage your 256GBs of storage or get additional (possibly external) storage.

The HP Laptop 14-dq2097nr supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5, as well as standard and newest connection ports like an SD card reader, super speed type-C (3.0), two 3.0 USB type A, one HDMI 1.4, and a headphone jack.

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Key factors to consider when choosing the right laptop for video editing:

However, there are key factors to consider when choosing the right laptop for video editing, including the display size, resolution, processor, graphics card, RAM, storage, battery life, and operating system.

  • Regarding display size, a 15.6” screen is a good option for those who plan to work on the laptop without any additional screens connected. However, if you plan to have a workstation with your laptop and one or two additional monitors, a 13 or 14-inch laptop screen size would suffice. A good display is also essential for accurate color identification, making full HD resolution ideal. Still, due to budget constraints, most laptops in this price range will feature either Full HD (1920 x 1080) or HD (1366 x 768) resolution.
  • When it comes to choosing a processor, a multi-core processor is ideal for video editing. Video editing software such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro requires a powerful processor for tasks such as color correction and exporting. Graphics cards are equally crucial and can aid in optimizing the workload on the laptop. While having a dedicated video graphics card would be optimal, many budget laptops come with integrated graphics cards that can sufficiently handle video editing tasks.
  • RAM is also an important factor to consider. For most video editing programs, 8GB of RAM is required. Still, if you will be multitasking, you may require more RAM to switch quickly between programs. Since video editing programs require a significant amount of RAM to run smoothly, a device with 16GB of RAM would be better.
  • Storage is also crucial, and since you will be working with large file sizes from HD or QHD videos, sufficient storage is a must. However, since it may be challenging to find a budget laptop with both storage and speed, making a compromise is necessary.
  • Battery life is another important aspect when choosing a budget laptop under $500. It is essential to have reassurance in case you want to work outdoors or be mobile. You should choose an operating system that you are most comfortable working with. Most video editing laptops are powered by Google Chrome, Microsoft Windows, or macOS.

In conclusion, when looking for a video editing laptop under a tight budget of $500, compromises on performance are necessary. Regardless of the laptop chosen, it is likely to struggle at certain tasks. However, it is possible to start video editing with a $500 budget, but you may have to upgrade your laptop eventually. Video editing is a highly sought-after skill, and with the right laptop, you can develop your skills and possibly turn it into a profitable profession.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much RAM do I need for video editing?

A: The bare minimum is 8GB, but it’s recommended to have 16GB or more. Although it may be difficult to find a budget laptop with more than 8GB of RAM, upgrading is always an option as long as there are free slots on the motherboard.

Q: Should I choose an Intel or AMD Processor for video editing?

A: Both Intel and AMD processors perform well, so it comes down to personal preference and budget. Decent laptop processors can be found depending on your budget.

Q: What is the cheapest laptop for video editing?

A: The Dell Inspiron 15 3000 model for $369 is the cheapest, but we recommend the $459 version with more RAM and an SSD.

Q: What is the best budget laptop for video editing?

A: The Lenovo Legion 5 Gen 6 15 (2021) is the best budget laptop for video editing, with a choice of AMD Ryzen 5 5600H or Ryzen 7 5800H CPU, and multiple GPU options ranging from an entry-level NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 to a powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070.

Q: Which laptops can edit 4K video?

A: The following laptops are among the best for video editing:

  • MacBook Pro 16-inch (2021)
  • MacBook Pro 14-inch (2021)
  • Dell XPS 17 (2021)
  • MacBook Pro 13-inch (M2, 2022)
  • Razer Blade 17 (2022)
  • Dell XPS 15 (2021)
  • MacBook Pro 13-inch (M1, 2020)
  • Asus ProArt Studiobook 16 OLED.

Q: Which laptop processor is best for video editing?

A: The Intel 12th-gen Core i7-12700H processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 are excellent for intense editing, with a 1TB SSD for top-notch storage performance.

Q: Which laptop is best for Filmora editing?

A: Here are the top 7 laptops for video editing:

  1. HP 14 Series.
  2. Dell Inspiron 15 5000.
  3. Acer Spin 3 Convertible.
  4. Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop.
  5. Lenovo Ideapad L340 Gaming Laptop.
  6. 2019 Asus ViviBook F510QA.
  7. 2020 Newest HP 15.6” Laptop.

Q: Is 16 GB of RAM good for video editing?

A: 16GB RAM is suitable for 1080p-4k 8bit projects and can handle minor background projects. For heavier workloads and larger projects with more background projects, it’s recommended to have 32GB RAM. 64GB RAM can handle 8K footage in 10bit or more.

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