Top Best Oregon Log Splitter Reviews and Ratings

Top Best Oregon Log Splitter Reviews and Ratings



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Gone are the days when man had to exert much effort and spend the entire day just to split logs with the use of an ax. With the emergence of the best log splitters in the market, anyone who needs to cut logs on a regular basis or do it for occasional camping out activities could rely this tiring job of splitting log, wood or timber with a highly dependable log splitter brand, the Oregon log splitters.

If you haven’t bought your very own log splitter and only borrow your next door neighbor or friend’s log splitter, perhaps it’s about time to take into consideration of rewarding yourself with the best Oregon Log Splitter model. Take your time reading this log splitter review and discover for yourself how this top quality log splitting tool can make any log splitting less physically draining and more fun.

Oregon Log Splitter Overview

The Oregon Log Splitter is recognized as a leading log splitting tool sold online. This particular brand name for log splitters has earned a solid track of record of providing the marketplace a wide range of premium quality log splitters, saw chain, guide bars and other essential accessories used in forestry. Oregon is also famous in producing lawn mower blades and outdoor equipment parts. In fact, Oregon has more than 8,000 innovative products to cater the entire industry of log cutting, both for industrial and personal usage.

The Oregon Log Splitter is proud to have 3 high quality models to suit any customer’s log splitting job requirement, whether it is intended for industrial or household use. If you want a perfect log splitter to match your log splitting requirements, why not check which among the 3 models of Oregon will make a standout.

Why should you buy the Oregon Log Splitter?

There are many log splitter brands being sold in the marketplace, but many wise customers still favor the trusted brand Oregon for their log splitting tools due to the following reasons:

1. Impressive company background

The Oregon brand itself has made an impressive mark in the entire industry of log splitter tools because it is recognized worldwide to be a trusted manufacturer and at the same time supplier of the best log splitter models, forestry accessories including Lawn mower blades and outdoor equipment parts.

2. Boast of highest standards

One of the reasons why Oregon is often referred as the leading brand make of top quality log splitters in the market is due to its highest standard set on each model, ensuring only each log splitting unit introduced in the market adheres to global quality specifications. Among the top features that a new owner of any Oregon log splitter model will benefit from investing on this particular brand name for log splitter are top of the line material components, full range feature and built-in log cradles, ensuring lesser time consumed while doing any log cutting chore.

What are the advantages of owning an Oregon Log Splitter?

1. Top performance

The producer of this well-known brand of log splitter is confident that any log splitter model that a customer will buy from them can expect top performance while engaged in any log cutting activity. Any new owner of an Oregon log splitter can enjoy less strenuous work with the machine’s splitting force capacity. Aside from that, any Oregon log splitter model is proud to have the Honda or Kohler engine unit for its engine, known for its commercial grade quality engine and dependability. All models of Oregon log splitters can operate on both options, horizontally and vertically depending on the size of logs needed to be cut.

2. Excellent warranty coverage

Another great deal for a wise customer who wants to get the best value for his or her investment on any Oregon log splitter model is the excellent warranty coverage:

  • 1 year warranty on all hydraulic components
  • 2 years warranty on the Honda engine
  • 3 years warranty on steel components of any model

What makes it even more tempting is that for any Oregon log splitter model you have purchased, enjoy full protection against defects on parts upon purchased and hydraulic fluid and engine oil are included.

What are the different models of Oregon Log Splitter?

Oregon 22 – Ton Horizontal/Vertical Gas Log Splitter with Kohler Engine

Oregon 22 Ton Log Splitter 6.5hp Kohler Engine

Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Unit has 22 tons splitting force capacity
  • Operate on both option, horizontal and vertical
  • Kohler SH265 engine, guaranteed for reliable performance
  • 2-Stage, 11 GPM Pump with auto return feature
  • Cycle time of 13 seconds
  • 8” wedge
  • Splitting surface can handle 24” length of log
  • Innovative design similar to Oregon 28 – Ton Honda Engine and Oregon 22 – Ton Engine

There are many brands of log splitters for your selection and if can be truly challenging to find the perfect model for your specific log splitting needs. If you want to ensure your money will not be wasted on a less inferior log splitter brand, do an extensive research on the available best log splitter reviews and weigh gathered facts based on customers’ testimonials, performance rating, price and availability online. Once you have enough information on what type of log splitter model to buy, go for a brand name that has made a huge impact in the minds of professionals and buy it from an accredited supplier or online distributor.

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