Flex Belt Review in 2020 - Does It Work or Waste Money?

Flex Belt Review in 2020 – Does It Work or Waste Money?


Today, everyone is worried about how to get a slim body. There are many options out there that claim to give you a perfect body shape. Before purchasing ab muscle belt, everyone have some queries about muscle belt…Some of the main queries are given below:

  • Do you want to strengthen your muscle abs?
  • Will the EMS devices work for me?
  • Where can I buy a genuine flex belt?
  • Will it be comfortable enough for my body?
  • Is flex belt work properly or not?

flex belt review

These queries will always rise in your mind before purchasing Ab belt so you don’t need to worry about it because here you can see the benefits of flex belt.

Introduction to Flex Belt

It is an EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) device which is designed for strengthening the Ab muscles. It is also called Neoprene belt. Flex belt is a portable device which activates its electrical charge for toning the abdominal muscles.

flex belt reviews

Top 3 Best Flex Belt On The Market 2020 Reviews

How Does Flex Belt Works?

  • EMS is a FDA approved technology. Flex Belt has electrical impulses that stimulate the nerves of stomach muscles.
  • Flex belt has three gel pads which are placed on the stomach and oblique’s.
  • Anyone can wear the Flex belt whenever they want. They can even wear it when they are on walk or doing any work.
  • Flex belt is the best tool for abdominal muscle workout when you don’t want any exercise program.


Pros Of Flex Belt

  • Adjustable Intensity: Flex belt intensity ranges from 1 to 150. You have the adjustable option that how much you want to increase its intensity to improve your muscles strength.
  • Comfortable: It produces a mild pulsing sensation and contracts smoothly. The sensation depends upon the intensity which you select in Flex belt.
  • Easy To Use: It is very easy to use and can be worn whenever you want. You can wear it under the clothes.
  • It comes With Guarantee: If the product is not work properly or you don’t see its results good then company gives you the benefits for 60 days back guarantee.
  • Flex belt is FDA approved device. FDA approval means it is safe for use.
  • Flex belt is designed for everyone. This belt is medically tested, it doesn’t harmful for body. You can use it for longer time.
  • This belt is light weighted device so it can be easily portable where you want.

flex belt


Cons Of Flex Belt

  • It is very expensive. Fitness products are always very costly.
  • Some specialist says that electric ab belts are not effective and the gel pads used in it are sometime must be replaced regularly.
  • This product gives you money back guarantee only when you buy this product from the official website and not from other one.
  • This Ab muscle belt does not provide free trial period before purchasing.

Does It Really Work?

Most of the people are doubtful about how to use Flex belt, and they want to know that it is really works or not. If you are finding for something that can help to tone and strength your stomach muscles, then flex belt might be the great option.

does flex belt work

If you are using this product, you need to remember one essential thing that it is not replacing your daily workout. You can get its fast effects with your daily tasks. If you want to reduce your weight quickly and want a slim stomach without any exercise, it is a good idea to select the flex belt.

Will the EMS devices work for me? Where can I buy a genuine flex belt? Will it be comfortable enough for my body?


Who is Flex Belt for?

It is for everyone who loves toning up their mid-section because of the range of programs and settings it offers. This also means that it can be used even by people who are just starting out in the fitness world, or those who have encountered injuries.

Again, it’s an excellent addition to those who are already in an active workout routine as it goes all the way up to level 150. That’s why it’s considered the best USA ab flex machine suitable for athletes or even regular users like you and me.

Furthermore, the device is reportedly popular among those suffering from lower back pain since it reduces soreness. However, some flex belt complaints would arise if one used them when they were pregnant. It’s recommended that you use it 6 weeks after normal delivery or 3 months after C-section. It’s not a good idea to workout scar tissues when the wound is still fresh.

Is Flex Belt Safe For Me?

Anyone can use Ab toning belt according to their stomach obesity. This belt is more comfortable in use.  You can wear this belt under you cloths. This belt has one remote controlling device which can be used to increase and decrease the belt intensity according to your obesity.

If you are doing some work then you can set belt on with remote controlling device. Below, you can also see the effective results of flex belt after using it from many customers.

flex belt before and after

Flex belt is user friendly and easy to use in daily routine. Here, you can view the customer reviews on flex belt. These positive Reviews about flex belt makes it more effective.

Ab toning belt has no side effect for body. If you will not find its results with in month then this belt gives you full money back guarantee. On internet, you can easily find its positive reviews by many customers after using the belt.

Where To Buy

You should read the reviews on daily basis about the flex belt before you select to buy it online. Your adequate research can help you to save your lots of money.

In beginning, you feel that the belt is expensive; but when you start using this belt, you see its result very soon. There are various online websites available where you can see the results of flex belt.

It’s another advantage is that if you will not be happy after using this product; your all money will be refundable because the company provide you 100% guarantee. If you want to buy this product, you can purchase it from Amazon official website.


flex ab belt

Lots of people are trying various types of products as well as gym tools from the market to reduce weight. But, in reality only few of these products either provide little bit satisfactory results or they don’t satisfy people. Many products have side effects too.

Nowadays, people are too busy in their daily routine that they hardly get enough time to do some basic exercises. Hence, they have to find alternative options to reduce their extra fat from belly.

There are many options available like diet pills or a weight loss medicines or anything else that mainly focus on accumulated fat cells of belly, but many times these options are not effective on body. Whenever any new product get launched in the market, people become excited about it and expect it would work miraculously, so they want to try it.

These types of reviews about weight loss products make all its consumers unhappy. But, when we talk about Flex Belt, you can see its positive reviews by the users from the web.

In The Box

When you order the package, you find an LCD remote/Battery, Gel pads, AC adaptor, Belt extension, a user manual, the flex belt itself and a travel bag.

You need to charge your handheld LCD remote, wrap it around your waist and tighten using Velcro tabs. Once this is done, position the gel pads and then plug your handheld device into the sides of the belt. Switch on the power button, then select your preferred pre-programmed workout or intensity.

My personal Review About Flex Belt

After viewing the positive reviews of flex belt from many customers on Internet, I decided to buy it. It is a FDA approved technology.

Clinical research findings have confirmed that using flex belt helps in toning abdominal muscles and used for increasing muscle strength.

Within couple of days after using flex belt, I noticed that this was the good ab toning device that I was looking from long time. When you place this belt on belly, you don’t need to put extra efforts because this belt works on its own.

Flex belt was made to work on your stomach muscles so you can have an ab workout even if you have a hectic schedule in your daily routine.

This belt is based upon medical science and it is a FDA approved technique. This ab belt offers you 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this product.

It starts working automatically by making continuous contraction and relaxation. I personally found its results very quickly with in few months which i would never get from daily exercise and work outs.

Flex Belt gives effective result with in few months. So I would personally recommend this ab toning belt to all those people who want flat tummy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flex Belt Ab Belt

Below you will find answers to some commonly asked questions…

Does The Flex Belt Produce Results?

If used as instructed it can help you get very good results. The actual technology that is used in the Flex Belt has been clinically demonstrated.

An 8-week clinical study showed the following:

  • 1.4 inch (3.5cm) average waist reduction
  • 49% increase in abdominal strength
  • 72% increase in sit-up performance
  • 100% of subjects reported firmer and flatter abdomens

This product is 100% medical science and not a gimmick like some of the other ab belts on the market. This is the first Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) product of its kind to actually be cleared by the FDA as a class II medical device for direct to consumer sales.

How Does it Work?

It has 3 pre positioned medial grade gel pads. These gel pads cover the central abdominal muscles as well as the external obliques.

Once you have the ab belt on, what happens is that signals from the pads reach out to all your abdominal muscles, not just the muscles covered by the pads. These signals cause your muscles to relax and contract naturally. You will also find that all your muscles will be working at the same time.

The strong contraction is the crucial part as this is what will help develop your Abs and this is the reason why your muscles may feel sore the next day as this is an indication that your abs have been worked well.

Because the strong contraction will cause some muscle breakdown in your abs, your body will need to burn additional calories to help rebuild broken down muscle and some extra muscle on top of what you had before.

Is it Safe?

Absolutely, as long as you follow the instructions. This product carries the CE symbol and also conforms to the requirements of the Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC). This product was also the first toning belt cleared for sale by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the USA.

What Does it Feel Like?

The good news is the sensation is pleasant and apparent. You will feel a mild pulsing sensation, followed by some tightening of the abdominal muscles. You can expect your muscles to contract smoothly, your muscles will also hold themselves in a tensed position for a few seconds and then relax which is important for muscle development will stop

On the Flex Belt you will find a controller that allows you to control the intensity. The intensity levels range from 1-150. You will find that as you get stronger you will need more intensity.

How Often Do I Need to Use My Flex Belt?

At first you should use it daily for around 4 – 8 weeks, the good thing about the flex belt is you don’t have to make time for it. You can use whilst watching TV or whilst doing other activities around the home.

After the 4 – 8 week period you can use it 2 – 3 times a week to help you maintain your results.

If you would like to get one right away, simply click the button below and order yours right now from the official site…

I Don’t Want to Change my Unhealthy Ways Will the Flex Belt Still Work?

No! The Flex Belt only works if you work, if you carry on your unhealthy ways and expect this device to do all the work for you and melt away your belly fat then don’t waste your money here.

If you’re happy to make small changes such as changing some of your junk food for healthier foods and doing some other additional exercise than the Flex Belt will help you lose belly fat whilst toning and sculpting your abs.


Reviews before and after workout depict a positive note when users discuss their general experience with this device. So the general consensus is that it’s an excellent addition to your workout equipments at home. Getting the abs you really want is not a walk in the park. But with the right equipment, you can strike it.

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