Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Spray Reviews - Does It Work or Scam?

Flex Seal Liquid Rubber Spray Reviews – Does It Work or Scam?


Having a leaking roof is a true nightmare.

Not having the money to immediately replace the entire roof or to have the leaking section partially replaced can certainly be distressing.

But there are also other parts of a house or structure that can leak, including pipes, window trims and gutters.

Having a quick solution to attend to these problems before they escalate into something nearing the catastrophic can be very relieving.

Top 5 Flex Seal Products on the market 2020 Reviews

What is Flex Seal?

Flex Seal is one of the most popular As Seen On TV products for coating, sealing & stopping leaks.

As described in the TV advertisement, “Water damage can cost you thousands, and unexpected leaks can destroy your home!”.

This is so very true since water can easily damage anything inside the house, if you don’t watch out carefully for leaks.

When the product first hit the market, it had a very obvious flaw, it’s color. Back in the day when you sprayed with Flex Seal, you were essentially spray-painting in black.

flex seal review

And that, for most of the customers wasn’t the best solution for their problem. This massive flaw made Flex Seal decide on creating a clear formula which would provide more value to their customers, so they came up with “Clear”, the clear version of the product.

The third version of the product is “Brite” which is basically a lighter and brighter version which could be used like the other two variations of the product to seep into cracks and holes, and dry to a watertight.

Flex Seal 14oz 2 cans

Our Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


The three of them are different variations of a flexible rubberizing coating that could work with a lot of things, including:

  • Gutters
  • Roofs
  • Pipes & More!
  • Window Trim
  • Cement Driveways
  • Fountains
  • Skylights
  • RVs & Campers
  • Chimneys
  • A/C Drip Pans
  • Duct Work & More!

Flex Seal is a liquid in a spray bottle that, when applied to holes and cracks, dries into a rubber coating.

The purpose is to help seal out water and leaks in an economical and simple manner. The nature of the liquid allows is to, before drying, seep evenly into small cracks and holes and thus, making the surface water tight.

But does Flex Seal really work, and what are people saying about?

We’ve done some research to find out how it works and whether it is worth purchasing for your needs.

How Does Flex Seal Help Stop Leaks?

The idea of Flex Seal is to provide a simple aerosol spray that emits a black and thick liquid into cracks that dries to a water tight coating with a rubber texture.

This is meant to seal water out for years, whilst retaining a flexible surface. It should not sag or drip even in the hotter months of the year and it has been designed not to crack during the coldest winters.

Another benefit that Flex Seal should provide is that it is somewhat sound proof and can deaden some noise as well as vibrations.

In addition to leaks and cracks, Flex Seal has been developed to stoop surfaces from corroding and it can be applied to both dry and wet surfaces as needed.

The product is claimed to be able to be used on a variety of surfaces including window trims, gutters, pipes, roofs, fountains, cement surfaces, hoses, boats, chimneys, duct work, gravel stops, downspouts, flashings, skylights, campers, RV’s and more.

The company provides a full list of possible applications on their website.

What Else Should You Know About It?

Whilst Flex Seal should not be considered a permanent fix for major leaking roofs and other large problems, it is certainly something that allows a window of time to assist if funds are not available for a roof replacement.

How Does it Work?

If something in your home is cracked or leaked, you can simply spray Flex Seal onto the effected area, and it will create a seal. It creates an easy fix to a leaky gutter, plumbing, sink, shower, etc..

The rubber will spray black, but don’t worry. Flex Seal can be painted over. So, in the places where it matters, Flex Seal can easily be covered up.

For a lot the effected areas, it’s safe to spray more then one coating of Flex Seal. There have been cases where people complained of Flex Seal not working effectively, because they failed to spray as many coatings as was necessary. Does Flex Seal really work? Yes, if it’s being used correctly.


How to Use it

There’s a lot of misleading information about Flex Seal, because people don’t know how to use it. Flex Seal works, and works well… if it’s being used correctly. So, every time you use it, be sure to apply multiple coats, and let it dry after each coat is applied.

If oils or solvents are going to come in contact with the product, make sure that the rubber is dry, first.

Does Flex Seal really work with solvents and oils?

Yes, Flex Seal can work great with these products, but only if it has completely dried. If it’s still wet when it comes in contact with these products, it could destroy the effectiveness of Flex Seal.

Does Flex Seal Really Work?

It is encouraging to read the positive comments from people who have bought and used Flex Seal.

Considering its very low price and the way it allows people to save money on very large repair jobs in the short term, we have found that Flex Seal is a viable and beneficial product that can be safely and effectively used in a wide variety of circumstances.

Therefore, Flex Seal comes as a highly recommended product.

does flex seal work



  • Fast in coating, sealing, and stopping leakage

Unlike other kinds of sealing systems, Flex Seal is a spray. So there’s less effort, more convenience, and you get the same end result as other forms of good sealing and coating methods. Plus, since it is sprayed, it dries up really fast too.

  • Covers easily

Flex Seal easily covers what you need to cover. Since it is sprayed, spreading it is very easy and is not messy.

  • Waterproof / long lasting

Even though it is thinner than the usual seals, Flex Seal is long lasting and water proof. It is perfect for emergency leaks.

  • Unaffected by weather

Flex Seal can stand heat as well as cold. So you do not have to worry about whether it is going to work during whatever season you need it in.


  • Large cracks and holes may need more than one layer of Flex Seal
  • May need more than one can to cover very large areas

Things to expect with Flex Seal

  • Depending on what you seal, multiple coatings may be required

Just like other sealing systems, the number of coatings varies depending on what you coat.

Sometimes multiple coatings are required if you are going to cover a rather deep hole, or one coat of spray may be all that is needed if it is just a thin surface that you need to seal.

  • One large can of Flex Seal can seal two to eight square feet, depending on thickness

Flex Seal comes in two sizes. Large and Jumbo. Large will coat from 2 to 8 square feet while jumbo will go up to 12 square feet.

Of course these are estimates given by the manufacturer but they’re pretty accurate.

Why the large range?

Well like I said above, some surfaces will need multiple coats while just a very slight coat will be more than enough for others.


Flex Seal Buying Guide

  • Go all over the sales page for any additional charges

There are no hidden charges. Just check for additional taxes if there are any, in your area or if different shipping and handling rates apply to where you want the order to be delivered.

Also, keep in mind that in Flex Seal’s promo where you get a 2nd can for free, you would need to pay a different shipping and handling fee for the 2nd can.

  • Be aware of additional offers

In ordering almost anywhere, may it be via the internet, phone, or maybe in stores, there would be other suggested products aside from what you are primarily ordering.

So if you are not interested, make sure that you say no. Uncheck boxes that offer you things that you do not want and say no to all the things that you are not interested about.

Just keep your antennas out while ordering online (not just flex seal) and I guarantee you will cut your online purchase related surprises by 90%… No kidding, its true!

  • Know how much your bill will be

If you know that you said no to all upsell offers (there’ll be at least 1 for the jumbo cans), then you’ll know your order amount…

Like I said, 30 bucks if you order 1 can and 40 if you go for the free set. Make sure that you know how much you need to pay for so you know how much your card will be charged.



If Flex Seal is used in the way that it’s supposed to be used, it will work great. The answer to the question “Does Flex Seal Really Work”, is yes.

Bonus: Does Liquid Rubber Really Work?

Does Liquid Rubber Really Work?

What was once only widely available and known to industry agents and contractors has now been made available for residential users.

Liquid rubber has several applications in waterproofing and its versatility against its very low cost has made it one of the go-to items for those working in the field.

However, what is it exactly?

It’s a rather difficult question to answer and many of us just take the idea of liquid rubber for granted.

I’ve done considerable research into the topic and will reveal my comprehensive investigation into identifying what it is and what it’s used for.

So, what is liquid rubber? Let’s find out.

What Is Liquid Rubber?

Liquid rubber is a variation of synthetic rubber, which is supplied in its liquid form rather than being heat-treated into a solid.

When liquid rubber is used and heat is applied to it, the rubber will cure into the elastic-like property we’re familiar with when we think of rubber and conform to the desired shape.

It is mostly used as a roof sealant and other light crack sealer, but is being increasingly used in the automotive industry where it is being tested as a replacement for weather stripping on windshields.

flex seal liquid rubber

What Is It Used For?

Liquid rubber is also used for the creation of rubber molds.

This is a typical choice for mold creators because rubber will not stick to the casing of the mold, which makes it very easy to remove once the rubber has hardened and is ready to be used.

Liquid rubber can also be sprayed or painted into an object to create a cast, which is an idea that has recently experienced a considerable surge in popularity.

Despite its malleable nature, liquid rubber is also used for its adhesive properties.

When applied properly, liquid rubber is able to create a watertight seal and is often used as a coating in waterproofing.

It’s also used in the creation of medical implants and tools when mixed with a silicone based in order to ensure they’re impermeable to bacterial and viral agents.

flex seal scam

The above uses seem rather technical and beyond the needs of many users. It is indeed a specialist liquid, but more uses and being uncovered by the day.

Today, liquid rubber is marketed as a do-it-yourself home repair item that usually lists exterior uses as most appropriate.

For many, liquid rubber is used to seal various exterior cracks that form naturally over time. These include small cracks in a rooftop, sealing rain gutters, and patching small holes in vinyl siding.

What’s best is many liquid rubbers today are able to be color treated, so that they may be dyed to match the home’s exterior. No, liquid rubber won’t leave any discolored bulges.

Users can match liquid rubber to just about any color they require!

Around the house, liquid rubber is used for sealing leaky windows and doorways.  It can also be used to patch small cracks in a ceiling, but this is best done externally to ensure water damage doesn’t spread to surrounding surfaces. Nonetheless, it can be combined with an external treatment to ensure a roof cannot leak any more!

Are All Liquid Rubbers Created Equal?

Not necessarily.

Because variations in manufacturing processes exist, there can be differences in the quality of a certain brand’s liquid rubber.

Most of these quality differences will be seen in the heat treatment processes that the liquid rubber will be required to undergo.

Normally, exposure to sunlight is all of what’s required, but an inferior liquid rubber will require the use of expensive heat lamps.

What Is the Best Liquid Rubber?

Here is the fun part.

After extensive research into finding the best liquid rubber, I was able to eliminate many of the lesser-quality products.

However, there was one product that stood out as a cut above the rest. That product was Flex Seal.

Flex Seal is liquid rubber within a pressurized can. It is this specific trait that makes the product one of the best choices on the market today.

When canned, liquid rubber can be directed at an intended target more easily. This ensures a coat of liquid rubber is more even and this achieves a much better seal.

My research is only confirmed by the several pleased users who have left their reviews on the Internet.

For these reasons and more, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Flex Seal to prospective buyers. To know how this liquid rubber works, its benefits, and real user experiences, refer to our review on Flex Seal.

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