Best curved monitors for work office 2023

The Best 5 Curved Monitors For Office Work In 2023


Are you tired of squinting at your office monitor, trying to see the far edges of the screen when you’re sitting at your desk? The problem is real, especially with larger flat monitors. But worry no more, because curved monitors are here to save the day!

A gentle curve on a monitor screen brings all parts of the image into your field of view, ensuring a consistent and accurate display, even when you’re sitting up close. But, it’s important to note that not all curved monitors are the same. The curve is measured by the radius if it were a complete circle, with a 1000R curve being more pronounced than a 1800R curve.

We understand the importance of finding the right monitor for your office, which is why we’ve conducted extensive research and testing on over 100 monitors. Check out our top picks for the best curved monitors for the office below!

1. Dell Alienware AW3423DWF

Dell Alienware AW3423DWF

The Dell Alienware AW3423DWF is a 34-inch ultrawide QD-OLED monitor that has been designed for productivity and gaming. This monitor is an upgrade from its predecessor, the Dell Alienware AW3423DW, as it boasts new features such as native FreeSync support and Console Mode that improves compatibility with the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Additionally, the Dell AW3423DWF offers Picture-in-Picture and Picture-by-Picture modes, as well as the ability to update the firmware. The QD-OLED panel offers the best of both worlds, with the perfect black levels of OLED displays and the wide range of colors of quantum dot displays. However, like other first-generation QD-OLED displays, it lacks a polarizing layer and can cause the black levels to rise in bright rooms.

One of the key benefits of the Dell AW3423DWF is its large 34-inch ultrawide screen. This allows for ample workspace, making it ideal for multitasking and productivity. The monitor’s wide viewing angles and curved screen bring the edges of the display into the user’s field of vision, providing a more immersive experience. Despite some color fringing and text issues caused by the subpixel layout, the overall text clarity is decent. This monitor also reduces glare from bright light sources, making it easier on the eyes.

On the downside, the monitor may suffer from color fringing around windows. The black levels may also rise in bright ambient light, which can impact image quality. Additionally, there is a risk of permanent burn-in with static elements displayed for extended periods.

In conclusion, the Dell Alienware AW3423DWF is a great monitor for those looking for a large ultrawide display for office work. While there are some drawbacks, its wide range of features and overall performance make it a worthwhile investment.

2. Dell Alienware AW3423DW

Dell Alienware AW3423DW Review |

The Dell Alienware AW3423DW is a ground-breaking monitor, being the first to incorporate the innovative QD-OLED technology. This technology merges the strengths of OLED and quantum dot displays, resulting in the perfect black levels and an expanded range of colors that are brighter than traditional OLED displays. With its 34-inch ultrawide screen and native G-SYNC variable refresh rate support, it’s an excellent choice for office work. The addition of FreeSync compatibility makes it even more versatile.

The Dell AW3423DW is also suitable for office use, with its spacious 34-inch screen providing ample space to open multiple windows at once. The curved screen enhances the viewing experience by bringing the edges of the display within the field of vision. Although the text clarity is good, there are some issues with the unique subpixel structure, resulting in color fringing around the edges of windows and larger text elements. However, it’s not a significant issue.

While the OLED technology poses a risk of permanent burn-in, the monitor has settings to reduce this issue, and Dell offers a comprehensive three-year warranty against it. On the downside, using the monitor in well-lit rooms can negatively impact the picture quality, as it causes the black levels to rise and reduces the contrast.


  • Large 34-inch ultrawide screen with 21:9 aspect ratio.
  • Wide viewing angles.
  • Adjustable with swivel, tilt, and height adjustments.


  • Color fringing around windows.
  • Picture quality and contrast are reduced in bright rooms.

3. Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 S32BG85

Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 S32BG85

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 S32BG85 is a milestone in the world of monitors, being the first 4k, 240Hz monitor readily available to consumers. It boasts a 1000R curve, and is accompanied by the Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 S32BG75, which has a 165Hz refresh rate. Despite their similarities, the G8 has a few added benefits, such as a unique screen coating.

In the office, the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 excels with its 32-inch, 4k resolution screen that displays sharp text and accommodates multiple windows. It effectively handles reflections, and the brightness level is adequate to counteract glare in most settings, ensuring excellent visibility. The monitor also offers great adjustability, though its narrow viewing angles and limited swivel range may not be ideal for sharing the screen with others.


  • Large 32-inch, 4k resolution screen.
  • Impressive reflection handling.
  • Bright enough to counter glare.
  • Excellent out-of-the-box color accuracy.


  • The screen coating creates some haziness.
  • Narrow viewing angles.
  • Limited swivel range.

4. Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 S32BG75

Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 S32BG75

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 S32BG75 is a 32-inch, 4K monitor that provides excellent picture quality and features for both gaming and office use. It boasts a 1000R curved screen, which brings the edges closer to the user, and a 165Hz refresh rate that makes it ideal for high-frame-rate requirements with its HDMI 2.1 bandwidth support. It is equipped with Samsung’s quantum dot technology for an expanded color gamut, and it benefits from Mini LED backlighting that provides better control over local dimming compared to traditional monitors.

In terms of office use, the 4K resolution and large screen size are well suited for multitasking, allowing users to open multiple windows side by side with remarkable text clarity. It also has good reflection handling and brightness levels that are enough to reduce glare in most environments. However, its narrow viewing angles result in an image that can look washed out from the sides, and its local dimming feature may cause distracting changes in brightness.

Overall, the Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 is a great choice for users who prioritize high-quality images, but it may not be the best option for those who require wider viewing angles or a more stable image when it comes to brightness.


  • 4K resolution provides sharp text.
  • Large 32-inch screen size.
  • Good for well-lit rooms with good reflection handling.
  • Adjustable stand.


  • Distracting flicker with low screen brightness.
  • Narrow viewing angles.

5. Gigabyte M32UC

Gigabyte M32UC 32″ Curved 4K 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review | eTeknix

The Gigabyte M32UC is a top-performing gaming monitor that boasts a large display, high native resolution, and a fast refresh rate. This monitor sets itself apart from the Gigabyte M32U by incorporating a VA panel with a gentle curve, making it ideal for dim or dark environments. The M32UC is specifically designed to cater to console gamers, with HDMI 2.1 bandwidth that supports 4k @ 120Hz gaming on Xbox Series X and PS5.

The M32UC not only excels in gaming but also offers exceptional productivity features which makes it a good choice for work environment. The built-in keyboard, video, and mouse switch allow you to seamlessly switch between two different sources and control both with a single set of input devices.

The Gigabyte M32UC is also a great monitor for office work. The large, high-resolution screen makes multitasking a breeze, with multiple windows open and delivering clear text clarity. The monitor’s SDR peak brightness and good reflection handling make it suitable for use in bright rooms.

However, the M32UC also has its limitations. The noticeable black smearing with dark backgrounds and image degradation when viewed at an angle are notable cons to keep in mind. Additionally, the limited ergonomics and just okay horizontal viewing angle may not make it ideal for sharing your screen with others.


  • High-resolution screen with high pixel density
  • Superb text clarity
  • Great gray uniformity
  • Excellent peak brightness


  • Noticeable black smearing with dark backgrounds
  • Image degradation when viewed at an angle

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